What is an Amazon KDP account?

  1.  alternative print on demand platform and business model that you can apply for right now to get started selling products and making money so this is for anyone out there who's applied for Merch by Amazon and gotten denied or maybe you've applied for a merch by Amazon and you are waiting to hear back or maybe you've been accepted into merch by Amazon but you're in the low tiers you're in tier 10 tier 50 or tier 100 things are slow 
  2. you have more time and you want to find out where else you can learn a new skill and get some sales the program that I'm going to recommend here is something that is out there but you don't hear a lot with the print on demand space a lot of people will say open up an Etsy shop and integrate it with printfully printify open up Redbubble shop open up a Zazzle or Teespring or Society6 or all these other different types of print-on-demand shops and those are fine that's one strategy you can most certainly do that but what if I told you that there's another print on demand platform or business that you can apply to that automatically accepts people you do not have to wait there is no application period you can get started the same day you apply what if I told you it's very similar to merch by Amazon and that you have to research niches to find products and ideas that customers want what if I told you there's a graphic design element that you have to create graphic designs and learn that skill something that can carry over to anything else in print on demand you have to optimize the listings right you have to come up with keyword research and descriptions things like that to make your product stand out in the algorithm and then you have the opportunity to Market that product either with ads social media or any other marketing strategy that you want to that you want to pursue 
  3. So the program that I'm talking about is Amazon KDP a lot of you may have heard of this some of you may have not so real quick Amazon KDP is called Amazon Kindle Direct publishing and it's Amazon's basically print on demand self-publishing module where people like you or me can create low content no content mid content or heavy content books in paperback form or hardback form and sell them with print on demand through Amazon and how it works is just like with merch by Amazon or with Redbubble or any of these other platforms you're going to upload a digital design a digital cover of your book and a digital back of your book and then you're going to upload an interior of your book and that interior could be manuscript something you know if you write something or it could be an activity book a coloring book it could be just lines like a line Journal it could be a DOT Journal tons of different things but you're going to upload those and they're going to be presented and sold on the Amazon platform but it's an on-demand service meaning it's only going to be printed when a customer purchases it and then just like Amazon prints out a shirt right on demand and the size and color they're going to print out the book that the customer ordered and send them off the reason okay this is important here
  4.  The reason I recommend Amazon KDP above all the other traditional print-on-demand platforms is if your goal is to sell on merch by Amazon or merch on demand as it's called now you want to learn as much as you can about the Amazon platform and the Amazon algorithm and what do you think KDP uses it's on Amazon so you're going to be looking at the Amazon search results you're going to be learning how to use the different Chrome extensions and tools to filter results and look at bsrs all of that that you do with merch by Amazon and t-shirts and pop sockets and phone cases applies to Amazon KDP the difference is there's no waiting period you can get started right now I've been selling on Amazon KDP now for about five years and it's always been kind of a third or even fourth priority For Me Above merch by Amazon and a couple of my other businesses but it makes me real money every single month 
  5.  I really haven't touched it in years the great thing about Amazon KDP is that if you apply for this platform there's there's two main benefits one is you're going to be able to learn the Amazon algorithm like I already talked about you're going to get familiar with Amazon and how it shows their search results what kind of products are selling on Amazon and whatever you learn with KDP that's going to transfer over to merch by Amazon or vice versa they're very very similar one is selling mainly t-shirts and apparel and the other one is selling these low content 
  6.  no content books but the idea is the same that someone types in the search bar looks for a product they're looking at you know the BSR you're looking at the keywords the rankings you're looking at you know why did they click that cover why is this a bestseller how many reviews does it have all these different metrics that should really get your wheels spinning about merch by Amazon and how to be successful in the Amazon Marketplace in general the second reason why I recommend this is because if you apply for Amazon KDP and you're successful on Amazon KDP you can then put that on your merch by Amazon application 
  7. so when you apply for Merch by Amazon there's a section there that you can fill out as to a quick little blurb tell them you've been selling on KDP for x amount of months and you you're familiar with the platform you understand the terms and conditions and how to be successful I think that helps your application maybe it does maybe it doesn't but if I was reviewing someone's application and they applied for Merch by Amazon and I see here that they've already been selling on KDP their accounts in good standing well that's going to give them a leg up over someone who has never sold on Amazon so not only does it give you a chance to diversify your print on demand sources not only does it give you a chance to get your Amazon merch by Amazon application through but the main thing is that you're going to learn about Amazon you're going to learn about this platform you're going to learn graphic design skills you're going to learn about uploading you're going to learn about the requirements with descriptions and tags and titles and the beauty of it is you can get started right now I wish I would have started with Amazon KDP when I first started with merch by Amazon because I spent months and months in the lower tiers just wanting to do more wanting to do more and to me going to Amazon KDP is the most natural progression of the next natural step because those marketplaces are so similar so that's really what I want to share with you guys is that don't overlook Amazon KDP you can make real money with it in fact there are people making thousands tens of thousands of dollars per month with Amazon KDP so one other thing I want to mention that's unique about Amazon KDP is that there is an additional set of variables that will help you stand out amongst the competition so when you're selling on print on demand let's take a t-shirt for example whether you're selling on Amazon Etsy Redbubble or any of the other popular marketplaces the main thing that's going to get you a clicker sale is your graphic that's on the T-shirt okay that's what people see that's mainly what they're buying well with KDP you have two variables you have the graphic or the cover right which people seek but then you have the interior what's inside the book and this really can help you differentiate your products because someone may have a good graphic design and you may have a good graphic design but if your interior is unique and speaks to that customer more or provides them some additional benefit then you have a better chance of converting and making a sale so Amazon KDP there are so many different products there's so many different types of ways to stand out amongst the competition and get sales and I'm gonna put a list here on the screen of a bunch of different types of Amazon KDP product type types book types that you can make the list goes on and on you can cross Niche and different covers 
  8. different variables I mean there's just so much opportunity here but I'll end with this if you're new to print print on demand if you're new to merch by Amazon or in you're in the low tiers or you've been rejected take a good look at Amazon KDP remember Amazon is still the number one e-commerce Marketplace on the world people go on Amazon to buy they want to click and purchase they want to spend their money and that has power and if you can get onto this secondary platform KDP for free it doesn't cost anything to upload it get approved right away and you can learn a lot of skills that will transfer over to other on-demand businesses it's a no-brainer okay don't sleep on Amazon KDP 

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