Unites States Weekly Jobless Claims Climb to 198K Amid Global News of Ajay Banga's Appointment to Head World Bank


Ajay Banga Named World Bank Chief Amidst US Jobless Claims Rise to 198K

AS the first biggest story Ankita is that ex-us President Donald Trump has been criminally charged the New York Grand Jury has voted to indict Trump over a hush money payments made to a pawn star ahead of the 2016 election in the details of the charges he faces are yet to be fully released and on to the latest from the banking crisis scenario 

U.S treasury secretary Janet Yellen has said that the banking regulations might need further tightening after the landmark collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and the Signature Bank adds that the efforts to bolster the financial system looks incomplete after the recent turmoil let's shift Focus to weekly jobless claims and the Americans filing for unemployment group more than expected now initial jobless claims for the week Rose by 7198 000 versus Economist projections of 196 000. in World Bank submits long-awaited reform plans to boost annual lending to middle-income countries by around 5 billion dollars this with a view to fight climate change and other Global crisis while also protecting the bank's top Tier credit rating while an Indian American Business leader Ajay bhanga is all set to become the next president of the World Bank after the month-long nomination window closed yesterday no other Alternatives announced to banga and that's what's led to his appointment the former MasterCard Chief was tapped by U.S President Joe Biden last month after current president David malpas announced plans to step down almost a year early and small satellite service provider company virgin orbit is seizing operations for the foreseeable future after it failed to secure a funding the company is set to lay off nearly all of its Workforce CEO Dan Hart says they have no choice but to implement immediate dramatic and extremely painful changes the stock plunge as much as 16 in after hours trading while under

Jobless Claims in US Reach 198K as Ajay Banga Prepares to Lead World Bank

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